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Nepal's soil, climate, and culture lead to the taste of Nepal's dishes. Most dishes have similarities with Asian cuisine. There are types of Nepali cuisine like Khas cuisine, Himalayan cuisine, Thakali cuisine, Newa cuisine, Lohorung cuisine, and Terai cuisine.

Different cuisine is influenced by varied cultures and geography. We, Spices of Nepal in St, Des Moines, IA is the best Indian and Nepali restaurant in this area. Every dish of ours will remind you of the great Himalayas. We have expert chefs who bind all the flavors of Nepal and make us the best restaurant in St, Des Moines, IA.

We have all homemade recipes which will remind you of the flavors of the mother. We use fresh ingredients and products to give rich taste to our dishes. Indian food is also served here. Non-vegetarian and vegetarian food is prepared by different chefs. You must try our sweet dishes and beverages.

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Momo is a special dish prepared with flour and filled with vegetables. It is later steamed and served with spicy garlic chutney. Chow Mein is influenced by Chinese noodles and popular in Nepal and India. All age groups love Nepali food. Come with your family, friends, colleagues and enjoy the Indian and Nepali food. Try our chicken, lamp, fish, tandoori, biryani, fried rice, and desserts of Spices of Nepal. The food at Spices of Nepal will end all your troubles.

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